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Israel and Me

Little country, lots of drama

Israel and Me - Foundations of Judaism V

You’re scrolling through Instagram when you hit an anti-Israel comment from a close friend. Yikes. You’re on your school’s debate team and your topic is the Arab-Israeli conflict. Double yikes. You’re talking to a fourth-cousin once removed at a Bar Mitzvah who’s never been to Israel and wants to know what the recent drama in the news is all about. 

Lesson 1

This Land is My Land…Right?

Legal claims to the land we love

Lesson 2

Hello My Name Is The Promised Land

How to be an heir

Lesson 3

Life Before 1948

A lightning fast ride through 4,000 years

Lesson 4

The Miracle of Israel

Spilling the tea on Israel’s against-all-odds survival.

Lesson 5

Like A Good Neighbor

You be the judge on Israel’s morality

Lesson 6

All’s Fair in War

Meet the IDF

Lesson 7

The Other Side to the Story

In the mind of a terrorist

Lesson 8

How to Make Peace

The full picture of how to make up

Lesson 9

Faithful and Fortified

A unique security system

Lesson 10

The UN Connection

A complicated relationship

Lesson 11

The Gifts of Israel

How to stop playing defense

Lesson 12

Why The News Doesn’t Like Israel

Pro tips for spotting bias

Lesson 13

The Origins of Anti Semitism

It didn’t start in gen z

Lesson 14

Stand for Israel

If you're not at the table, you’re on the menu

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