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Jewish Law School

A brand-new, 2,000-year-old take on doing mitzvot to level up

Jewish Law School - Foundations of Judaism III

Finally, a class that will help teens become the Jewish lawyer their parents always dreamed of.

Just kidding! Well sort of. While Harvard Law might still be a few years away, it’s time to get excited about Torah values for building a healthy society. Answering questions like: Is it right to steal bread for a homeless person? Why is suicide wrong? Can you be punished for NOT saving someone’s life?

Lesson 1

Call of Duty

American Law vs. Jewish Law

Lesson 2

Larger than Life

Eating, Sleeping, and Breathing Torah

Lesson 3

Person Goals

Why We Do Mitzvot

Lesson 4

Just Jew It

Judaism’s Focus on Actions

Lesson 5

Your Personality Meets Torah

Putting the “Me” in Mitzvot

Lesson 6

Let’s Talk It Out

The Oral Torah

Lesson 7

Trust me, I’m a Rabbi

The Role of Scholars After Sinai

Lesson 8

Right Here Right Now

Where Torah Belongs (hint: not in heaven)

Lesson 9

Torah 2.0

How New Laws Channel Ancient Wisdom

Lesson 10

Retweeting Torah

The Mishna’s Commentary

Lesson 11

Torah Expansion Pack

The Talmud’s Elaboration

Lesson 12

Same Same But Different

Practicing Mitzvot Your Way and The Right Way

Lesson 13

How to be Basic

Jewish Fundamentals in the Modern World

Lesson 14

Jewish Vibe Check

Putting Values Into Practice

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