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Jewish Business School

Torah insights that’ll take you from wantrepreneur to Wall Street

Jewish Business School - Foundations of Judaism IV

In our lifetime we’ve watched our stock market crash then skyrocket then crash again. We got mailed money from the President of the United States. We witnessed the explosion (and implosion) of a cryptocurrency started as a joke. As wealth continues to be the star of the American dream, let’s find out what Torah’s ancient wisdom can teach us about the pressures of money, stress, and success.

Lesson 1

Rags to Riches

Is it woke to live first class?

Lesson 2

How to be a Baller

Have your cash and spend it too

Lesson 3

From Net Worth to Self-Worth

Because your value isn’t from your bank account

Lesson 4

Beyond 9 to 5

The deeper meaning behind rise and grind

Lesson 5

When Work is Life

Getting off the treadmill

Lesson 6

Who Owns the Dough?

A socialism vs capitalism analysis

Lesson 7

Why You Should Never Give Charity

There’s a wrong way to share

Lesson 8

The Secret Giving Society

The village of Jewish community

Lesson 9

Light on the Black Market

The gray areas of business honesty

Lesson 10

Hello, Minimum Wage

Is a free market a fair market?

Lesson 11

To Business or Not to Business

Follow your talents to find main character energy

Lesson 12

CEO Skillz

No MBA required

Lesson 13

Think and Grow Rich

Stop keeping yourself poor

Lesson 14

Teamwork is the Dreamwork

Why collabs are the future

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