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Jewish wisdom for the questions that keep you up at night

The School of Life

Jewish Philosophy - Foundations of Judaism II

Is faith blind? Can you prove that G-d exists? Is the universe random? Why was the world created? Why do bad things happen to good people? Is free will actually free? Does G-d need me? Why so many rules in the Torah? Are Jews the chosen nation? What is my purpose? Where can I find true happiness? Does love at first sight actually exist? Why is that song stuck in my head? What happens when we die?

Lesson 1

Hey, G-d, can you hear me?

Finding out if G-d even exists

Lesson 2

I’m a believer

Feeling the faith on the daily

Lesson 3

No coincidence

Why nothing random ever happens

Lesson 4

Why me?

The reason it can’t be sunshine and unicorns all day every day

Lesson 5

I choose choices

How to turn every decisions into a major W

Lesson 6

Dear diary

The Torah’s top-secret secrets

Lesson 7

Mission possible

Finding your why

Lesson 8

Chosen for what?

Embracing your best self

Lesson 9

Happy Now

A mindshift that will bring you more smile emojis

Lesson 10

New love story

The Torah version of head over heels

Lesson 11

New world coming soon

Rise, grind, repeat—wrong!

Lesson 12

On the right track

Why your Spotify playlists matter

Lesson 13

Talk clean to me

Use the power of speech to make your day

Lesson 14

Long live life

What happens when the curtains close

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