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Judaism 101

How to live your best Jew life

Intro to Judaism - Foundations of Judaism I

POV: you’re working out your Jew muscles. This is CTeenU and it’s the fundamentals of living your best life as a Jew. Find out where your kindness gene comes from (hint: the first Jews ever) and try to wrap your head around the infinitely unknowable G-d out there. Cover mitzvot 101, like kosher, mezuzah, tefillin, and prayer, then take a quick stop for all things homeland before getting schooled in all things Jewish holiday. Love this journey for ya!

Lesson 1

Let the fam begin

Avraham & Sarah

Lesson 2

The CEO of Everything

Meet G-d

Lesson 3

Mitzvah vibes

613 ways to connect

Lesson 4

Keep it kosher

Bussin’ soul food

Lesson 5

Mezuzah culture

The Jewish security system

Lesson 6

Talking Tefillin

Why wrap the straps

Lesson 7

Get this bread

Building with Tzedakah

Lesson 8

Say less

Praying from the heart

Lesson 9

Be more like Shabbat

High-key weekly rest

Lesson 10

Get woke

Understanding Israel

Lesson 11

Matzah marathon


Lesson 12

Huts & Cheese

Sukkot and Shavuot

Lesson 13

The miracle flex

Purim and Chanukah

Lesson 14

Soul Self Care

Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur

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