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Jewish Wellness

 Tanya’s Tools for Finding Your Best Self

Jewish Wellness - Foundations of Judaism VI

I’m under a lot of pressure. It feels like I'm drowning in a sea of expectations and demands. How do I know which path is right?

Luckily, G-d gave me a framework to make sense of it all so I can stop acting reactively and take charge of my higher purpose.

Lesson 01

Am I Selfish?

Explore your inner “animal” so that you can be the best you!

Lesson 02

Oh My! G-dly Soul

Is everything we do self-serving?

Lesson 03

Impulse Control

We can't always control how we feel, but can we control what we do?

Lesson 04

Make G-d’s Wish!

Why is Judaism so action-oriented?

Lesson 05

Emotional Attachment

Should I snooze my feelings so my mind can lead the way?

Lesson 06

Innate Love

Help! I’m not the spiritual type! Can I do mitzvot if I’m not “in love with G-d”?

Lesson 07

Essentials: Fear of God

When respect is more potent than love.

Lesson 08

Mood Swings?

To change our mood we need to change our thoughts.

Lesson 09

I am… p̶e̶r̶f̶e̶c̶t̶ Perfectly Imperfect

If I’m a failure, I may as well go farther into the abyss. #IYKYK

Lesson 10

Don’t Carry Overweight Guilt!

Real change happens when your baggage isn’t bulky.

Lesson 11

Stop! and Drop the Sin

Quit doing the same thing over and over while hoping for different results

Lesson 12

Can I Be a Sunshine Person?

How to cultivate a sense of purpose and joy in your personal life.

Lesson 13

Beyond the Wrapping

Can I appreciate the backstabber, the weirdo, and Nancy Not my Type?!

Lesson 14

Haven of Heaven on Earth

How to harness your inner dream team and transform your world.

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